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Stephanie Ramplin for Vox

What’s so funny?

A status symbol, a political battleground, an emotional tool — humor is anything but a joke.

Everyone knows that the easiest way to kill a joke is to try to explain it. But we here at Vox love nothing more than to explain, and when it comes to what makes us laugh, there’s a lot to dig into beyond punchlines and bad puns. We decided to spend this month exploring what it means to be funny: what kind of power humor bestows or takes away, how it shapes and reflects who we are, and who gets to wield it in the first place.

We’ve got a (sometimes hilarious! definitely insightful!) lineup that ranges from a cover story on the scientific underpinnings of humor to a full-on taxonomy of millennial cringe, plus a look at the so-called humor gender gap and an examination of why neither the left nor the right is actually all that funny. Also, can jokes save a business? Can they save you?

Go on, dive in, have a laugh or two. Just remember: It’s important to take humor seriously, whether you LOL, LMAO, ROFL, or hehehe.

Julia Rubin (Editorial Director, Culture & Features)

Stephanie Ramplin for Vox

The very serious science of humor

How studying what tickles our funny bone can help explain who we are.

By Allie Volpe

Alex Gilbeaux for Vox

Toward a unified theory of “millennial cringe”

Remember when “epic bacon” was the height of comedy?

By Rebecca Jennings

Alex Gilbeaux for Vox

Is the right winning the comedy wars?

Why liberals and conservatives don’t get each other’s jokes.

By Constance Grady

Aubrey Hirsch for Vox

Why do people still think women aren’t funny?

The world doesn’t make it easy for us to crack a joke.

By Aubrey Hirsch

Alex Gilbeaux for Vox

Meme stocks and the limits of being in on the joke

Did meme status save GameStop and AMC, or did it turn them into zombies?

By Emily Stewart

Alex Gilbeaux for Vox

When humor becomes armor

Comedian Ashley Ray on grief, theater camp, and learning to make herself laugh first.

By Ashley Ray

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The Highlight

When humor becomes armor

The Highlight

A joke with a literal cost

The Highlight

Why do people still think women aren’t funny?

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