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The Goods

The Goods

Quitting Elon

Everybody wants to be a LinkedInfluencer

How airlines squeeze you for every penny

Oops, we forgot to fix the supply chain

The Try Guys have broken our brains

New York seems to have a weed store on every corner. None of them are legal.

Everyone wants a tip now. Do you have to give them one?

A Twitter trial would expose Elon Musk to scrutiny. Buying Twitter might help him avoid it.

You know what your wedding doesn’t need? Doughnut walls.

The Instagram capital of the world is a terrible place to be

Mandatory overtime is garbage

What’s at stake in the freight rail labor fight

How to (actually) stay friends with an ex

Work sucks when you’re the only one left

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Two dozen tech founders living in a mansion. What could go wrong?

Launch House promised young tech founders community. A Vox investigation found what happens when clout and cash are paramount, and protecting members falls by the wayside.

What if we’re fighting inflation all wrong?

The sex worker teaching TikTok about legal brothels

So your kid wants to be an influencer

How to set boundaries when your family sides with your ex

Pumpkin spice lattes — and the backlash, and the backlash to the backlash — explained