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Do you have a small-business story? Share it with Vox.

You could be featured in an upcoming Money Talks column.

An illustration of a variety of hands holding microphones with question marks floating above them, on an orange background. Dion Lee/Vox; Getty Images

We started our Money Talks column to take a closer look at people’s relationships, their money, and their relationships with money, all of which intersect in unexpected ways. We’ve heard from dozens of people in conversation with their business partners, friends, loved ones, and the not-quite categories in between, on topics ranging from how they handle splitting bills when one person makes more money than the other to what it’s like running a 55-year-old coffee shop with your elderly father.

Right now, we’re interested in hearing more stories like the latter, specifically focused on small businesses. We’re looking for pairs of people who are willing to get candid with a reporter about the financial and emotional realities of running or working at a small business. Are you two, say, a local cafe owner and their loyal regular? What about exes trying to make a business function anyway? What’s it like being the only two employees at a company? How have you been affected by economic uncertainty, or technology, or cultural shifts?

If you have a story to share, let us know in the Google form below or at this link. And keep an eye out for the resulting interviews, which will begin publishing in January!

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