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Marin Cogan is a senior correspondent at Vox. She writes features on a wide range of subjects, including traffic safety, gun violence, and the legal system. Prior to Vox, she worked as a writer for New York magazine, ESPN the Magazine, GQ, National Journal, Politico, and the New Republic. She has also contributed to the Washington Post, the New York Times, and several other publications. She is the winner of a National Association of Black Journalists Salute to Excellence Award and is the co-director of the Princeton Summer Journalism Program for aspiring student journalists from low-income backgrounds.

Antisemitism isn’t new. So why did 2022 feel different?

A driver killed her daughter. She won’t let the world forget.

Large vehicles and unsafe streets are killing too many people, including 5-year-old Allison Hart. Now, her mother is fighting for safer streets.

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Did young voters really save Democrats?

End-of-life planning with loved ones can be hard. Here’s where to start.

Critics said nothing would change after Sandy Hook. Actually, a lot has.

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Why friendship is different than any other relationship we have

As its role in society recedes, Vox asked six people to tell us why their friendship matters — and may just be the most meaningful relationship of their lives.

The deadliest road in America

Being a pedestrian in the US was already dangerous. It’s getting even worse.

Not all religions oppose abortion

Inside the secret network of women who performed abortions before Roe

No, the gun control debate was not “over” after Sandy Hook