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Izzie Ramirez is the deputy editor of Future Perfect, Vox’s section on the myriad challenges and efforts in making the world a better place. She oversees the Future Perfect fellowship program, where she helps develop the next generation of thoughtful reporters. When she does write, she gravitates toward issues of bureaucracy, climate, food, and culture. Previously, Izzie has written freelance for Vice, Bitch Media, Gothamist, and more. She earned her BA in journalism and global liberal studies from New York University, and her MA in science journalism from Columbia. You can follow her on Twitter at @IzzieRamirez.

Ethics Statement

Future Perfect coverage may include stories about organizations that writers have made personal donations to. This does not in any way affect the editorial independence of our coverage, and this information will be disclosed clearly when relevant.

Future Perfect is supported in part by grants from foundations and individual donors. Future Perfect prizes its editorial independence, and all editorial decisions are made separately from fundraising and commercial considerations. See Vox’s ethics and guidelines for more.